Monday, 14 August 2017

Gorgeous Red Living Rooms.

Living room is said to be designed in a very cool, calm and peaceful manner. That's the reason most of the time it is being seen in cream, light blue, pink, light green or in different tints of colors (not shades). When it comes to living room design and color ideas most of us actually ignore or keep aside some of the bright and vibrant colors. Red is one of them. But have you actually ever thought of giving your living room a real piece of charm, brightness with definite elegance and class. If yes, then "Red" is the color you are being looking up for and couldn't find or figure out with. 

Here are few benefits of Red over other colors for your living room: 

  • It makes your living room forever young,charming, elegant and classy forever. 

  •  Being Red is a unique in itself. Your living room will not sound as the other regular living rooms. It has its own unique beauty forever. 

  •  It is forever ready to entertain all the kind of seasons, occasions, guests, family and friends. It hardly demands any special changes and expenses. 

  •  Mix up and blend in smoothly with every color of your choice whatever you wanna put up with red. It has that versatile quality of getting mixed up well and gel in smoothly with all the combinations. 

  •  Perfect choices for all the kind of interior styling. It has that culture of traditional touch, style of contemporary attitude, natural flow to mix up well with the woods and raw touch. Absolute no harm and no extra demands for any kind of interior styling. 

So, let your living room grace up with the new and bright selection of color which will make it young forever. With the changing time, style and era color combinations for particular rooms and interiors also do demand for a break and give them a refreshing touch. Let your living room not just be a normal regular designed living room, in-fact make it gorgeous red living room.. !!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Trendy Kitchen Designs.

Trendy kitchen designs sets up the fire in the world of design with its comfort, style and attitude. Kitchen counters or slabs with some extra edges and cuttings gives it a whole new look, trend and comfort of seating for snacks to the family and friends. 

One can even get a niche styling counter design to put in the kitchen stuff in order and easier in reach. Basic idea is to get some extra counter space in style and attitude for snacks or to manage in the kitchen stuff in much of the more organized and segregated manner. 

Do not just add a counter space to your kitchen, in-fact add more style, trend and elegance to your kitchen with this smoothing cool idea. 

Monday, 24 July 2017

Stone Wallpapers for Interiors.

Natural stone materials are preferable by most of the people...but at times due to scarcity of the material at few particular city areas or market people make it difficult for the people to buy it for their home decors. To come over such problems stone wallpapers are always useful, attractive moreover it gives all the nature looks with alluring effects to the spaces. 

Installation of stone wallpaper not only provides us with the natural, rough and tough looks of stones but it also provides the area a larger and bigger look. Let your living room, bedroom get the touch of rough but smooth and gentle styling. 

Make your interiors look more classy, stylish and royal with the touch of stone wallpapers. Quick advantages of stone wallpaper over real stone material are :

Easy in transportation: Stone wallpapers are light and soft (just like a paper), therefore they comes in rolls. They can be easily transported to the site of work without any issues and inconvenience. 

Easy to work with: No need of any extra working instruments, hammers, chisels etc. Since they do come in the form of easy adhesive  paper rolls, simply stick them to the walls starving for beautiful and fab look. 

Change the design whenever you wish for: Stone wallpapers can be changed frequently whenever you want. You may change them every year or twice in three years or so depending upon your budget, design ideas and new look graving. Let your interiors speak the language of change and upgraded version of style. 

Blend in well with every kind of interiors: No need to put your brains into a big task of thinking and rethinking about the stone wallpaper suitability in any of interiors, room, design style and fashion. They blend in well with every kind room, purpose, formal and informal styling, design statement and fashion. They are simply versatile and alluring when it comes to blend into interiors and design. 

Make your interiors look gala, stylish, fab and simply class all round with year with the alluring touch of natural stones. If you agree upon the stone wallpaper ideas and interiors then definitely you are all set to put your interiors into dazzling and darling look. Transform your dull spaces to darling and make you new interiors looking rocking and forever young with natural beauty of natural stone wallpaper designs and effects. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Hallway Design Ideas.

In most of the residences, hotels, dwellings, apartments, etc. we do come across the hall way area to each a particular room or space. At times these hall ways are quite vacant and starve out for designs. Make your residences, hotel, apartments look more appealing,complete and jovial with the well designed up hallway design and styling. 

Floor treatment: Make your hallway floor look appealing,complete in design and comforting with some hallway carpet designs or rugs. They do comfort your foot steps as well as design up the empty looking floor area and hallway area with a classy and royal manner. 

Use the walls: Frame up the walls with some impressive wall pictures, family pictures or paintings. You might not find a perfect place to display your favorite pictures or paintings in your home or spaces, hallway walls are of the best solutions for that. They can be kept displayed with a privacy code on it. 

Glass view: If your hallway is quite lucky enough to get a one sided garden view or outside view to adore the walls with full length glasses to it. Make your hallway look really awesome, refreshing and capturing every time to pass through it. Full wall glass sliding are always evergreen and best way to cheer up your hallway. 

Indoor plants, lights and few accessories: Make your hallway look smart, green and charming with some indoor plants, chandelier lights or contemporary lights and few hanging accessories to wall or window. You may go for a wind chime, wall crafts or 3d design etc. It is like basically engaging your space with some really well stuff and charm. 

Vintage/Contemporary furniture: The choice is entirely your, weather you want to go for vintage or contemporary furniture styling for your hallway depending upon on over all design ideas, decors and budget. Furniture never disappoint their presence and use. Give a royal touch to your hall way with some vintage furniture styling or give a class elegant styling with some contemporary compact furniture. Choice is yours. 

Remember, hallways are also an essential part of your residence, hotel or apartments. Use them to make your design look complete, stylish and adorable. After all its not just a hallway it is a space which is all yours to design up according to your wish, choice and style. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Craft room design ideas.

Craft is no more a hobby these days, it is a profession in itself. So, let your passion and dedication get a new level of charm, praise and appreciation with seriously charming and work efficient craft room at your own dwelling. Make your crafts room look and sound better with given ideas below. It should have the combination of work efficiency, design styling, impressive looks and flexibly sound.

Versatile storage space: Most essential and important thing is to built in versatile open and close storage space. Let your stuff get in proper accommodation and space to fit in perfectly without any hassle and mess. 

Perfect working space: You not only need perfect furniture for working but also perfect working space to move in and out in a convenient manner and style. Your working space should have enough area to give you free and flexible space to work in without any limitations and obstructions. 

Display area: Do not forget to make in a display area in your craft work zone. You need to display your creativity as well as you need to keep in some of the stuff in displayed mode to get it faster and quicker when you need it. It makes your work really easy and impressive. 

Sufficient light: Let your craft room have sufficient light (both natural and artificial) to make you feel and work easily. Low or dull light will end up to lazy work out and poor productivity. Well illuminated rooms not only brings light to the room but also a positive working atmosphere. So illuminate it well. 

Segregate sections: You need to have some versatile sections for your craft room design to segregate the work done, in progress work and for the job or orders waiting to be get done by you. In this way you can easily figure out the work you are presently in. It saves your energy, time and keep you updated with your work orders. 

Installation of extra things: Do not end up with only necessities like required furniture for work, lights, accessories etc. You never know what comes up next while working. So it is important to install your work zone with some extra craft stuff, some light furniture, task lighting, open wall racks, box and jars to keep in the tiny stuff, pen or pencil holders etc. 

Let your hobby and passion make a big knock of success with style and design. But for that firstly you need to invest your time, bit of money and space to your passion to get best of results. Do no just make a craft's room... create a successful career.. !

Monday, 5 June 2017

Design up your Bonus Room.

You must be thinking about what is a bonus room all about and what it all takes to design in up...? In a very simple and straight language "Bonus room" is an extra room in your accommodation, house or dwelling which can be used as your office area, hobby room, family room, guest room etc. Major difference between normal rooms and bonus room is that it doesn't have a wardrobe in it. One can't use it as a bedroom as it lack a wardrobe but can be well used to fulfill your other purpose and requirement. Let your extra requirements and purposes get a bonus of a bonus room and transform a vacant room into a well designed up and utilized room.

Let your bonus room give you the pleasure of your some extra seat out area, playing zone, entertainment area or some private zone. Transform the room according to your choices, room size, your budget and design ideas. No need to cut off your passion or much needed extra room ideas to vain.

Design up your bonus room as :

  • Your private working station-  Don't let the extra work pressure ruin up your bedroom settings or living room area. Make a very private, cool and calm working area to give some extra hours to your work. Let your work productivity touch the skies of success in silence and calm.

  • Mini home bar - You can use the space brilliantly and intelligently to make a small yet cool mini home bar. Let your weekends rest at home with some relaxing time with your friends and family. No mess of a drive and parking. 
  • Small yet impressive conversation pit - Invite your friends to your small yet impressive gossiping conversation pit. Give them and make them feel special with your darling ideas of a private conversation pit. Do not let the other activities disturb your time and gossips. Installation of cozy sofa set, some floor pillows, rugs and some chairs will do the magic in itself. 

  • Private passionate bathroom: Make in the most desired bathroom you were thinking about. Install your favorite bath tub or shower area what so ever is in your mind. The space is fully yours and design it up according to your wish, will and desires. 
  • Hobby room: Let your hobby grow up big and wide there by transforming it into a recreation room. Give yourself time to relax and chill with some recreational activities. Life needs a break from stress and work. 

  • Pool and billiards play zone- No need to spend lots of money over a game every weekend. Install your play zone in your bonus room. Let the pleasure be fully yours. 

Space is the most precious thing in today's world. You need to use it wisely, intelligently and play with it in a colorful and charming manner. Don't waste the space simply converting it into an unwanted storage area or dark room. Be smart and cool while designing up the space and utilize each inch well to give yourself a better and best living.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Tips to transform vacant interiors into well utilized space.

Most of the time we struggle through cramped spaces in the interiors, but have you even noticed at times we do under utilize or waste big spaces without putting them into proper function, aesthetics looks and style. Not only small cramped spaces are challenging, in-fact big spaces equally comes with interesting challenges. Make your space look well utilized, stylish and amazing with some of these tips which can help you to get your big spaces look better and more of the covered with design. 

Cover up the floor: One need to cover up the floor with rugs or carpets. Make the floor look busy and well utilized. First and foremost thing is to create a flooring which looks well designed up and then provide in the foot comfort to make it look more original having a personal touch and good utilization of space. 

Proper placement of furniture: One of the most tricky and useful tip is the proper placement of furniture. Let your vacant spaces get employed with furniture stuff that too placed properly. Avoid placing furniture at the corner of the rooms or back wall of the rooms. Give them a space to be comfortably placed in and make your room look busy yet bit vacant for your daily traffic. 

Avoid Glasses : If you are already struggling with huge amount of vacant space then it is important to avoid any glass wall, mirror etc. in that particular area. Glasses means putting up more space to your huge area. Cover up your window area with pattern curtains or give them a dress up of blinds. Basic idea is to hide in the huge space under the mesmerizing design ideas. 

Dress up the walls: Do not let the wall space go vacant and empty. Employ them well with some paintings, family pictures, wall art work, texture or 3d art. More the walls look empty more they create in the feel of huge vacant interiors. No need to employ all the walls to carry paintings or pictures, use up some specific wall area according to your design style and interiors layout. 

Interior spaces are like a kid, you need to give your personal touch and feel to them to make it look, grow and impress perfectly. Small or huge, whatever space may be it is needed to be taken care of affectionately to bring in the charm, beauty, style and evergreen impression... !!