Friday, 26 May 2017

Creative Bulb Interior Design

Gone the days when bulbs were used to light up the room. As soon as LED lighting has replaced the old yellow bulbs they have suddenly lost their market value and general essences. But always remember that old is gold and is actually it is  never replaceable when it comes to proper and creative utilization of it. Let the old bulbs speaks the new language of designing and styling. Make your living room, bedroom, kitchen, foyer area etc. more appreciable, charming and good looking with some of these creative bulb interior design. 

Make efficient use and creative use of bulbs in your interiors garden area. It is like adding an instant charm and style in a whole new manner to your interiors. Make your spaces looks dazzling and with more of the personal touch you gave. 

Make a little aquarium, light a small candle, plant up few decorative interior plants, etc. This edition has not just unlimited ideas to explore and experiment with but also have an impressive and practical catch to them. 

Let your friends and family know the creative side of you when you accomplish well with is D.I.Y mesmerizing deed. Remember old stuff is never a waste, it can be reused in a stylish and creative manner if given some of the few little and personal effects. Interior designing and arts is full of creativity and it always welcomes the creative angle of every expert. :) 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Collection of Kitchen Design.

Here's sharing few kitchen design with a soul of contemporary style with a touch of traditional design as well. A simple yet impressive kitchen design for that versatile kitchen work, storage and comfort. Do not just make your kitchen look stylish, make it more convenient to work in .. comfort to be in and most importantly sprinkle the personal touch for that "wow" and "complete" feel. 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

3D Creations On 3DsMaxVay.

Here's sharing few pictures of 3d creations on 3dsMax Vray.

The Bold & Beautiful Curtains.

Black is the symbol of strength, bold and unique personality whereas white is the sign of purity, beauty and peace. When black and white blended together, comes up with the combination of bold and beautiful designing, styling and spaces. Yes, use the most bold and beautiful, aesthetics and charming combo of black and white curtains to dress up your dull boxy windows or lifeless doors and give them a new life, charm and attraction. It will be like directly transforming your dull windows to darling with an instant change and effect. 

The bold and beautiful combo of black & white curtains are well suited for ever kind of curtain styling, pleats and dress up. Weather it is sheer curtains, tab top curtains, goblet pleat curtain, tailored pleat curtains, tailored curtain, cafe curtains, eye let curtains, pinch pleated curtains  or any other this combination goes well with every type and style of curtain for ever area. 

They do absorb nicely with the floral prints, geometrical prints, horizontal prints or vertical prints. Combo of black and white never discriminate between any kind of patter. They are pattern, style, (formal or informal) friendly. 

Combination of bold and beautiful works perfectly with every kind of setting, over all designing, color combinations, theme of interiors etc. They never demand of extra budget, they dissolve smoothly with modern, traditional, eclectic, country etc. styling. Black and white is vintage as well as contemporary way of styling. Can be used pattern wise according to your design taste and love. 


Make your summers cool with white and winters cozy with black. Black and white the most season friendly combination. They dwell well with changing moods of season without the demand of quick changes. 

Make your formal, informal spaces look better, mesmerizing, classy, smooth and well designed with the mix match combination of vintage love and modern changes. The bold and beautiful charm of black and white never fades away. With the passing time and era's it graces the interiors all over and again with its evergreen charm, attraction and alluring style. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017


When it comes for designing spaces, creativity is more important than the actual size, shape and measurement of the space. Bigger the space doesn't mean better the design. Actual dimensions should be used in a creative manner to bring in the feel of space, creativity and well utilized touch. Open creative wall racks are one of the best way to use up for small or large space which is vacant and can be put into quality use and design style. Here's sharing few creative, stylish, designer wall racks to inspire your design ideas, working and house plans. 


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Rugs - Underfoot comfort & design.

Home is just not a place, it is a small sweet and little world for us. The personal touch, sweetness, comfort, relaxing atmosphere, love of the family etc. makes it the perfect place to dwell in. Make it more comfortable, perfect,pleasant, amazing and loving just by paying little bit attention to every small and big design ideas, decor styling of the overall house, rooms and spaces. We do pay attention to every big design idea and decor styling but at time we do miss tiny but important detailing of design styling which actually increase our comfort level as well as enhances the beauty of the space. Rugs are one of them. They are considered to be the underfoot comfort or to wipe the foot but actually they hold an untold importance to make your spaces look and feel much more better, alluring, pleasant and complete. 

Placing rugs besides furniture, bed or table not only gives it a comfortable foot rest but it also completes the design idea of the respective area. It is like adding beauty to the space as well as adding a bit of more inches to that area. With the rugs getting connected to the furniture makes the space look more large and fab. 

Rugs do add a partition to the spaces without adding any extra wall or unwanted partition screens etc to the area. To create the difference between living room and dining space rugs are quite handy, trendy and stylish. They are able to make out the clear difference between required area that too without creating any unwanted partition, wall etc. 

Just the random placement of rug to any particular space or area gives it a new place to enjoy seating, playing and having fun with family on the floor. Add few floor pillows with rugs to make it a complete family time, fun for toddlers and kids at home. 

Contemporary design rugs add a new life to your dull spaces. Make them look vibrant, catchy, sophisticated and classy with designer rugs. They instantly update the over all look and class of any space and interiors. 

Make your foot fall more comfortable, soft and sweet by just adding rugs to your floor area. Even if you have missed giving a floor design to your spaces or want to keep flooring vacant from designs just an addition of rug will add up the beauty to your floor. 

Yes, rugs are underfoot resilient comfort but they do hold the importance to enhance the beauty of your floor, space and over all designing. Make your rooms, spaces, interiors look complete and more appealing with rug designs and comfort. It is like adding a cheery on the cake which always beautifies and adds more flavor to the cake with no harm and over expenses. 

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

वक़्त ...!!

वक़्त भी बड़ा निराला है ..
कभी सफेद कभी कला है

कभी दुनिया को कदमो पे लाया ये
कभी किसी को खूब रुलाया ये
कभी आँधियों मैं खुशियाँ लाता  है
तो कभी मुस्कानो मैं छुपे अंशु दिखता है

ये किसी का नही ..कभी मेरा तो कभी तुम्हारा है
कभी सफेद तो कभी काला है..!

वक़्त कभी ऐसे रंग भी दिखता है
परयो को अपने .,,अपनो को पराया बनता है
किसी कि खुशियाँ चुबती है आँखों मैं
तो कभी किसी और के दर्द से सबको रुलाता है

कभी वक़्त ने किसी को गिराया है .. तो किसी को संभाला है
कभी कही यह सफेद ..तो कहीं ये काला है..
वक़्त बड़ा ही निराला है.. !!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

रिश्तेदार.. !!

बड़े खट्टे मीठे …
कुछ तेडे …कुछ सीधे
होते हैं यह किरदार…. जी हैं
और कोई नही…ये होते हैं रिश्तेदार… !!

कभी मासूम …कभी अंदर के शैतान
कभी भोले ..कभी ढोंगी कोई इंसान
सबके अपने अपने मॅन ..अपने अपने विचार
और कही क्यू जाओ… ये होते हैं रिश्तेदार ..!!

कभी पास हो कर दूर हुए.. कभी दूर होकर हुए पास
कभी कोई बिजली की गोली.. तो कभी कोई ठंडक का एहसाह
रंग बड़े विचित्र हैं .. बड़ा अनोखा होता है इनका प्यार
जी हैं..बिल्कुल सही …यह होते हैं रिश्तेदार.. !!

(No personal offence - just a try on "haasye kavita") 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Trending Interiors'2017 - Design Style & Attitude.

Simplicity and patterns is the call of today's interior design and decoration or is like trending interiors 2017. Make your home look synchronized, well maintained and elegant with the use of patters. Patters make space look segregated and tidy with an impressive alluring look and touch. 

Textures, wall art, 3d print etc. were in the fashion for few years. But with the changing time and styling patterns have replaced the heavy texture art, 3d illusions and wall art styling. Patterns are easy to blend in with over all settings, fabrics, styling and decor work. 

One can go for some selective kind of patterns if have any personal favorite choices like wooden patterns, rock or stone patterns, strips patterns, floral pattern etc. Depending upon personal choice and requirement one can easily use up different patterns in different rooms. This makes home or spaces look attractive and is always far away from the monotony. 

It is not important to match up the over all fabric texture and styling with the pattern style you have played upon. Even you can go for solid color fabrics if you have used or played with floral patterns, strip patter or any other patterns around the wall. In fact it would be better to keep the fabrics and other things in single or solid color for the best of contrasts and to break the regularities. 

Patterns are something which can be easily played with. According to the personal choice, budget and room size one can play with two different pattern in a single space. But, to be remembered do play with any two kind of patterns if the room size is big enough to accommodate them. Too many patterns can mess up a space with too much of occupancy. 

Basically we need to change the settings of interiors after every 4-5 years to give it a new, refreshing and upgraded look. It's like adding the new version to your home sweet home. Changes are possible at times but not the reconstruction after every 5 years. To maintain the beauty and sensitivity of your spaces keep playing with the new trends to capture the impressive look forever. Every 4-5 year comes with some changing trends. Use them to make your place look better and live better...!! 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Glamours Glass Flooring With Pebbles.

Adding charm, glamour, style and impressive floor designs is all we dream for and want it for our formal as well as informal spaces. Make your home, office, shops, interior spaces more fab and stylish with easy, evergreen and impressive glass floor designs. I know glass floor designs sound bit regular and old but adding pebble under your glass flooring with some lights in it will instantly brighten up your spaces. 

What you need to do is simply to choose up your favorite pebbles, colors of pebbles, it can be multicolored as well or can be chosen in single color as well. Make few inches of depression in the floor where you want to add these pebbles. Place them inside and fix up the lights accordingly. Now fix up the flooring with your chosen glass design for that glamours and evergreen look. 

Glass flooring with pebbles is perfectly suitable for commercial as well as residential spaces. It absorbs well in every kind of design style providing it an alluring and mesmerizing look. 

You may even change the pebbles after every say 4-5 years for a refreshing and new look. Glass with pebbles under it can be set even at the counter tops of kitchen or bathroom providing them a mesmerizing and awesome look. 

Glass flooring is easy to maintain, clean and they imbues a lavish and luxurious look to regular designs and spaces.  Glass being of a tough and thick quality do not break easily. It is quite durable, lasting and gripping. 

Best part of glass flooring with pebbles is the light. If your install light under the glass it does reflects and illuminates a dark room as well.

Let your floor speak the language of class, styling and royal touch with simple but not regular glass flooring with pebbles under it.