Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Bold & Beautiful Curtains.

Black is the symbol of strength, bold and unique personality whereas white is the sign of purity, beauty and peace. When black and white blended together, comes up with the combination of bold and beautiful designing, styling and spaces. Yes, use the most bold and beautiful, aesthetics and charming combo of black and white curtains to dress up your dull boxy windows or lifeless doors and give them a new life, charm and attraction. It will be like directly transforming your dull windows to darling with an instant change and effect. 

The bold and beautiful combo of black & white curtains are well suited for ever kind of curtain styling, pleats and dress up. Weather it is sheer curtains, tab top curtains, goblet pleat curtain, tailored pleat curtains, tailored curtain, cafe curtains, eye let curtains, pinch pleated curtains  or any other this combination goes well with every type and style of curtain for ever area. 

They do absorb nicely with the floral prints, geometrical prints, horizontal prints or vertical prints. Combo of black and white never discriminate between any kind of patter. They are pattern, style, (formal or informal) friendly. 

Combination of bold and beautiful works perfectly with every kind of setting, over all designing, color combinations, theme of interiors etc. They never demand of extra budget, they dissolve smoothly with modern, traditional, eclectic, country etc. styling. Black and white is vintage as well as contemporary way of styling. Can be used pattern wise according to your design taste and love. 


Make your summers cool with white and winters cozy with black. Black and white the most season friendly combination. They dwell well with changing moods of season without the demand of quick changes. 

Make your formal, informal spaces look better, mesmerizing, classy, smooth and well designed with the mix match combination of vintage love and modern changes. The bold and beautiful charm of black and white never fades away. With the passing time and era's it graces the interiors all over and again with its evergreen charm, attraction and alluring style. 

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  1. Where can I get these curtains? and at what price ?