Monday, 28 August 2017

Taj Mahal - Architectural Beauty.

Personal visit to the TajMahal is quite important if you are a true lover of architecture and civil work. It not only opens up your design ideas but also inspires you to think differently and go for some apex designing and style. Yes, that's Taj for you. 7th wonder of the world .. situated in the beautiful city of Uttar-Pardesh Agra. In-fact, in short "the city of Taj". 

With the alluring beauty of Taj and it's architectural detailing, carving, work on marble and in-craved Urdu script makes it the most unique and must visit architecture site. Not only that, with the changing day light mode to evening mode it really amaze you with its awesome marble color changing beauty. 

The intricate work on marble, spiral work running down the arches, carving, and the color of marble makes it the most awesome and special architecture of the world. In one word it is simply "the beauty". 

Not just the "Taj Mahal" but the surroundings do have the capturing beauty of architeture and nature. The famous "Bulland Darwaza", huge courtyard, amazing beautiful gardens and the fountain adds in the more glam, charm and beauty to the "Taj Mahal". 

If you are a true lover and admirer of architecture one should not ever miss the visit to Taj Mahal. It's feast to your eyes and architectural senses. 

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